I Did Not Dream

Last night I slept really well                                     
I didn’t wake every two hours
The neighborhood was quiet for once,
Calm as the rain gently soaked

I woke this morning well rested.
With energy I’ve never felt before.
I took on the morning without caffeine.
But something was still missing

And I realized
In the comfort of those restless moments
Drifting between sleep and conscious thought
That’s when I have you
I feel your arms around me.
Your nose on my neck.
Sighing into me simply.
Perfect in your way

And though I am stronger this morning it may seem,
I am not well

I did not dream.

Artist Feature!!! Introducing the lovely Camilla Jones :)

I met my good friend Camilla In Dublin, for the first time in person when she so graciously offered me a bed in her lovely apartment. I got to see her play and was so in love with her voice and writing and I think that we should all get to knew her a little better as an artist!!!! Beautiful, relatable and catchy lyrics sung with lovely vocal control and musically interesting riffs and licks, quite a rangey performer, this one! Definitely was inspired to create by watching her play and that’s the kind of music I love to see live! Without further ado here’s what y’all need to know 🙂 

Since returning from sunny Australia in May ‘16, multi-instrumentalist Camilla Jones has sung extensively throughout Dublin: A six-month residency in O’Connells Bar on Bachelors walk; Various songwriter events including Circle Sessions in the International Bar, Zodiac Sessions in Bruxelles, Third Space in Smithfield, Sitting Room Sessions in The Clockwork Door; and support slots in The Vintage Room @ The Workmans Club, Tivoli Backstage and more recently The Main Venue @ The Workmans Club there’s no slowing her down! Citing Angus & Julia Stone, The Cranberries, Mary Black and Norah Jones among biggest influences, her style is a confluence of acoustic-pop, urban folk ballads, and soft jazz. She also popped her stand-up comedy cherry at Workmans in December ‘16, so if nothing else catch her set for the laugh! 

When did you start playing music? What was the first tune you remember playing?

My mum is actually a music teacher (amongst other things), so i’m sure she’d tell you I started playing music before I figured out how to breathe. The first instrument I had formal lessons on was the piano when I was about 6. I don’t know what tune I was supposed to be playing, but I do remember “composing” a piece about elephants in a thunderstorm which sounded exactly like you’d imagine. I essentially abused the piano, it was very emotive i’m sure. 

Who is your biggest influence as a musician? Maybe an artist, relative or music teacher?

My biggest influence as a musician is actually my dad. I know it sounds like i’m trying to brown nose my parents, hear me out. When I finished school and had no idea what I wanted to do, he pointed out the obvious and encouraged me to undertake a BMus in Composition & Production at the Australian Institute of Music. Every time we talk on the phone, he asks me how gigs are going and how my set organising is and if i’m focussing on my targets. It sounds like unlikely inspiration, but he’s really helped me take myself seriously and take music seriously as a career path. That’s hugely inspiring, to feel like what I do is just as valid as working in finance or medicine or any other area. Dads are awesome.

What brought you from Australia to Ireland and how has the transition been?

I was born in Dublin, so I didn’t have to worry about the hoop-jumping of visas or any related nightmares. I’d always entertained the idea of spending time in the country of my ancestral roots (sure we’re all a bit Irish aren’t we?) The tipping point was the introduction of Lock Out Laws and Licensing restriction in Sydney during my studies. Since introduction in 2014, so many live music venues have closed and single-handedly killed Sydney’s nightlife culture. Not to say the music scene is dead, the scene is alive and kicking, but it doesn’t get a lot of support. I definitely recommend having a look at http://www.keepsydneyopen.com/ for more info about that monumental screw up.

Dublin has an awesome open mic community, which is where I found my home-away-from-home. The irish are hilarious, really warm and welcoming. I’ve been so lucky with the souls i’ve managed to meet and now call close friends.

What are you most proud of, as an artist?

Pride makes me nervous, i’ve always had a love-hate with the idea. ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ is alive and thriving in Aus, essentially we all grow up a little fearful of becoming too big for our boots – so we’re not the best at actually feeling proud and recognising our achievements. I’m slowly learning to get over that. I should say i’m proud of finishing my degree, proud of recording an album when I was studying, proud of moving countries to make more tunes, proud of getting gigs in Dublin – but it all makes me a bit uncomfortable to say.


What’s your motto, or your mantra? What keeps you going when the struggle of being a musician and songwriter gets rough?

I think it’s really important to surround yourself with good people. I’m lucky to have friends I can play new songs to, who listen and give really useful feedback, and really lift me up when i’m feeling disheartened. They’re a really supportive bunch, I don’t think they realise how much I appreciate them turning up to gigs and asking about new tunes, it makes all the difference.

A lot of my friends make music too, I love listening to their stuff and talking about what they’re working on – that’s hugely inspiring.

Check out:

Sister Ursuline – https://soundcloud.com/sisterursuline 

Elaska – https://soundcloud.com/elaskaksale 

Sparrows – https://soundcloud.com/sparrowstunes 

Arlin – https://soundcloud.com/arlinmusic 

Leila Jane – https://soundcloud.com/leila-jane 

What are you working on right now?

I’ve recently aquired an electric guitar, a friend has kindly lent it to me and I’m having the greatest time. As soon as I brought it home, I sat there for 5 hours noodling around. I haven’t been so inspired in ages, i’m writing new tunes and reworking old ones. I’m planning on uploading to YouTube a lot over the summer, my dad also gave me a GoPro for Christmas which is full of footage dying to be made into some kind of music/video/spoken-word/artfest/thing. I just really want to create a lot more than I have been in recent times, and see what opportunities come out of that. Create first, think later!

You Would Think We Were Infinite

everyone is walking fast
no one smiles as they pass
don’t you think its a little scary
we get bored so we get married
standing stagnant is the death of your soul
we haven’t been anywhere and we are getting old

we buy new clothes
when the old ones work fine
no one knows when to sing
so they wait for a sign

we think we have all the time
we think we have all the time in the world
oh, how adorable

the years are short
and the days are long
so we count them down
live life all wrong

you would think we were infinite
you would think we were infinite
we think we all have time
we think we all have time
we think we have all the time in the world
oh, how adorable

50 years or so
we get 50 years or so

maybe you should
kiss your girlfriend more
eat a cupcake every now and again
do something nice for yourself
make sure you call your friends

just make good love and don’t worry about
how awkward breakfast will be
if you dont want to be somewhere
why dont you just leave
you are not a tree,
you are not a tree

and rip out pages of books you like
and hang them on the subway platform
with a note that says you’re more beautiful
than a chinese place that delivers in a snowstorm

you are important to me
you’re my oxygen

in your fifty years or so
now and again
let someone know they’re your oxygen

someday you wont have time
someday you wont have time
someday you wont have any time in this world

©Savannah Jaine 2017

Top 10 Places I’ve Ever Explored (So far)

10. Sydney, Australia – Landing in Sydney was a surreal experience for me, as it was the furthest away I’ve ever been from home. I remember landing at 7am, sleeping for a few hours, and then taking a cab with my best friend Shanna and her saying to the driver “Oh, Jesus. I don’t even know what continent we’re on. Where should we go? Just take us to where we should go first.” He was so confused, so we finally asked to go to the harbour (to see the Opera House, of course) but he misunderstood and took us to Darling Harbour, where we wandered around for 2 hours, exhausted and jetlagged, wondering if they put the Opera House in storage for the winter.
We found it eventually, and when I had slept a fair amount, I was back to my normal level of sanity and had an AMAZING time climbing trees, drinking champagne in the botanical gardens, holding koalas and playing up my Oklahoma southern accent to get free beers from cute Aussie boys.

9. Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia- I had the most Australian experience that anyone’s ever had when I explored Darwin, haha. We went to Charles Darwin National Park, and it was completely dry and barren but beautiful. I was not prepared for the day, and was wearing flipflops like a noob. Everyone wanted to go hiking in the grassy forest, but I decided to sit outside and wait, because the high grass looked like Snake Capitol of the World and the flip flops. So I sat, waiting for the group to collect me at the end of thier hike, just chilling (melting) in the Aussie sun, having a grand old time…….until about an hour had passed and no sign of anyone I knew. I started to get a bit nervous, maybe the path led them around to another side of the park, so I doubled back. I was walking in circles unknowingly. I ran out of water in my bottle. Vultures were flying over my head, I kid you not. I started to think I might die there…….
I didn’t die. I found my friends. All was well, we got lunch and cabbed back to the boat but for about 20 minutes there….#yeah

8. Dublin, Ireland- I’m on my second trip to Dublin right now, and what a charming city full of cheery people, great food and ofcourse, Guinness! I’m lucky enough to have some awesome friends in Ireland so I’m sure I’ll spend a fair amount of time here over the next few months, as I also want to record here :). Currently staying in an artists apartment above a pub where there are daily raves beginning at 7am and going all day and all night until the next one begins. I don’t participate persay but I am inspired by all the action around me to write, write, write constantly!!! 
Also visited the Guinness Factory and Stephens Green with my lovely good friend Ben and it was so so much fun, spring is just about to spring into action so the trees are so green AND pink:) 

7. Toronto, Canada- One of my favourite cities in the world and such a great place to explore!! I’ve visited and adventured about 4 times now and I love it! Kensington Market is one of the best places I’ve ever hung out, and it’s one of the cities at the top of my list to move to one day. Artsy, cool, hipster-without-being-pretentious-and-annoying and very interesting city. The music scene is groovy and there’s friendly people everywhere, it’s Canada! They also are the first city to have an annual Taco Fest, which I attended last year and would love to make it a tradition. Canada is having a moment right now. 

 6. Mystery Island, Vanuatu- Mystery Island is an uninhabited Island in the South Pacific. Its one of 83 volcanic islands that make up the country of Vanuatu and shortly after we spent our first day here, the island was hit by Cyclone Pam and was unreachable (under water) for about 4 months after that. You can walk around this entire island in 20 minutes. One time the Queen visited during the 70s, there’s a plague commemorating the event next to their thatched-roof “airport” where someone told me “We land planes on Tuesdays” which I thought was adorable. We nicknamed this island “Spider Island” because of the masssssiveeeee spiders, larger than my palm, that would just be chillin above your head. It was awesome. I love this place.

5. Bali, Indonesia- Eat, Pray, Love, anyone? We almost missed this beautiful port because it was ‘too windy to dock’ but then we GOT TO GO. We visited the gorgeous and serene Uluwatu Hindu Temple and explored off the beaten track. My friend David swears he saw a kimono dragon. Jury’s out. We had amazing lunch and watched monkeys stealing people’s personal belongings and trying to throw them off the cliffs. Would LOVE to spend more time here, definitely going to do that soon!!

4. Athens, Greece- ive had a pretty interesting year. I went through a not- hurtful-but-just-plain-sadddd breakup and the horrible death of a good friend, some scary financial issues in addition to the regular quarter-life crisis of “what should I do with my life and where?!?” I’ve been so many places and done so much it’s hard to decide what to follow up on. I had a bit of a breakdown when I was in London and instead of flying back to Dublin, I bought a cheap ticket to Athens, Greece. It’s always been my number 1 bucket list place to visit and it didn’t disappoint. From having relaxing Greek yogurt breakfast on my terrace with beautiful views of the Acropolis, to island hopping with friends I had just met, to sitting on the side of ancient ruins and writing lyrics, soul searching and trying to find my personal peace, athens was definitely a good decision.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland- this is the city I call home currently, and I’m so happy I get to explore more! I backpacked through last month and my hostel offered me a job so I will stay for a little while. This city is full of dark, morbid history and cheery, lovely people. There’s a castle across the street from my house. There’s castles really everywhere. There’s a bar where they used to give prisoners who were about to be executed their last shot of whisky and everything is a historical landmark. As a musician, the community has been extremely warm and accepting and the busking scene is great (no permit needed) so I’m sure I’ll reap the benefits of hanging out in Scotland for as long as possible

2. Melbourne, Australia- We got re-routed to Melbourne last year because of Cyclone Pam, and our ship stayed overnight to avoid bad weather. This gave me a chance to REALLY explore this beautiful city, I stayed out until about 4am and then got up and went to brunch around 9am so…no sleep til adventure. Having no notice that we were going to dock here, I had made no plans, and knew nothing about the city. This gave me anxiety, but ended up being the best way to see any city and taught me a lot about travelling. My boyfriend at the time and I got off the ship, took the train to a random stop, walked into a bar, ordered a local beer, and talked to the bartenders about where to go since we only had 7 hours. They sent us down the road to a brunch place, who sent us down the road t0 another local bar, who sent us down the road to a Saturday-morning market, from there to a Thai food place, from there to a liquor store where we bought champagne and drank it in Spiderman Park, people watching and talking about how we could probably just move to Melbourne right then and be super happy. I might still move to Melbourne. 

1. L’Île-des-Pins, New Caledonia- This is hands-down my favourite place I’ve ever been, and ever will go. It’s a tiny island in the South Pacific, one of the islands that make up the French colony of New Caledonia. Seriously, this place has everything. my heartrate is raising writing this paragraph, every morning I wake up NOT in New Caledonia is a giant disappointment. There’s a beautiful, peaceful beach with tiny local restaurants. The peace and silence is overwhelming. There’s a huge, twisted forest of trees you can climb. There’s a mountain you can make it up to the top and back in about 2 hours, and at the top you see the greatest view I’ve ever had. Cute local boys that speak in french. Lots of history, as well. In 1871 after the Paris Commune, 2,800 Parisan prisoners were sent from France to a horrible prison they built on the remote island, mostly feminist revolutionaries, and lots of them are buried there. The prisons are still intact and you can like, HANG OUT THERE and read little messages in french on the walls and seriously this island has everything.
I’m a bit worried that since Cruise Ships just started going to this port last year that it will be ruined. I’m scared it will become a tourist location, and that if I went back now, it wouldn’t be the same. I hope it keeps its charm and beauty!

Honorable mentions: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Cancun, St. Croix, Oslo, Tasmania.


Guest Post! Before & After

Every so often I would like to feature a guest writer, someone I’ve met whilst traveling who has an interesting story to tell, or in this case, a lovely lady I worked with on ships out in Australia a few years back! Recently, she explored Eastern Europe solo and came back with lots of new insight, and wonderful photography!! Alycia O’Keefe is a photographer, artist and world adventurer and here’s a little bit of her experience along with some gorgeous pictures =)


When visa restrictions required me to leave the Schengen Area after a sun-filled summer of work and travel, my choices were to either head home as originally scheduled; or take a spontaneous trip to a part of Europe where I would be allowed to travel. That was the Balkans.


Abandoned bobsled track, Sarajevo, Bosnia

It was only a few years ago when I started working and making friends with people from this part of the world; that I became acutely aware of how little I knew about this part of Europe. This was a continent I thought my history classes had succeeded in educating me of all the key dates and events in full. From there I presumed that most of the impactful and influential historical developments conveniently took place within Western Europe.

In a very brief time, though a few years late, I was convinced that these strong, loyal, inherently honest and hospitable people were composed of more captivating and intricate turn of events than just the brief detours my history books would sometimes take. I was resolved to one day travel there.

When I first landed in former Yugoslavia, I knew the names of my co workers and

Krka National Park, Croatia

friends better and in more abundance than their countries’s cities, parks, museums, points of interest etc… A real first for me. Never had I backpacked to a part of the world that my studies hadn’t first given me a colourful preview of. Never had I leisurely traveled through countries where the most recent conflict post dated WWII. Despite having grown up in a multicultural country, never had I conceptualized that there might be a part of the world where it would be feasible to walk from a catholic church, to a mosque, an orthodox church and a synagog. I hadn’t realized how much of a hold North America had on me; even while traveling.

I believe that every visitor, backpacker and tourist alike; at one point in their travels

Koter, Montenegro

should make time to be taken out of their comfort zone. This is where the learning not only happens but also where the insight forms. From there something profound can happen with that new found perspective. We learn where we have come from and where we want to go. We learn to be grateful for the change and see what still needs to change in ourselves perhaps even our communities.

It continues to sink in more and more how impactful this part of the world has been on the rest of the world and how much impact they could still have. There’s more to Europe than the west and there could be more to North American than Western Europe. That is what Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia have taught me.



In Case You’re Looking For Permission

You’re allowed to leave 

You’re allowed to go home

You’re allowed to take a job 

You’re allowed to quit 

You’re allowed to ask for help

You’re allowed to have no idea 

You’re allowed to change your plans 

You’re allowed to never make any

You’re allowed to be happy being alone 

You’re allowed to be proud of your eyes, your lips, your words, your body, your intellilect and whatever makes you excited to live inside your skin 

When someone asks if you want to do something and you don’t, you’re fine to just reply with “thank you but that’s not my thing” 

You’re allowed afternoon naps in the sun, a glass of wine at lunch, and cupcakes because it’s Tuesday. You re allowed to leave a life of safety in order to curate your own happiness, and more importantly, you must. 

Another Hostel Winner: The Yellow Rome

I have had some SERIOUS good hostel karma lately. I booked my trip to Rome last minute with no gigs booked, so was able to pick my hostel for one of the first times this trip (crazy!) so I went all out, reading reviews on hostelworld.com and finally picked The Yellow, a party hostel with a great location and a bar. (very important to me as that’s where you meet friends!) and I’m so glad I picked this place.

Full Kitchen, full bar and restaurant, hair salon in house, tattoos upon request, big awesome stage to play, with an underground nightclub. There were lots of options for group cooking classes, burlesque dance classes, yoga, bike tours, and free live music from local AND traveling bands every night. This place is hugely popular with locals as well as hostel-stayers.

The staff and bartenders are so friendly, happy and always smiling. I unfortunately had to get some work done during my stay (one of the cons of working remotely) but I just used the wifi in the bar, and had Ed Sheeran singalongs with the bartenders and it made the time go by. I also would suggest spending a day hanging out at The Yellow bar on the patio, if the weather is good. That same day I finished work and figured I didn’t have enough time to venture out and be a tourist, so I ordered a pitcher of cheap beer and joined a group outside to share. They were all traveling alone/in small groups and we all hung out for hours and then rented Vespas the next day together to explore the city.

As a solo traveller, finding a place with such awesome community vibes is so priceless. Everyone here was so open to meeting friends that the last night, 2 of the girls and I were just full-on walking up to people who were sitting by themselves, bringing beer, and saying “hey who are you, why are you by yourself, come hang out with us” #howtomakefriends

We had the whole bar. Seriously one of my favourite weekends. I do have to mention one bad thing about this hostel….it is ALWAYS awake. It’s not really a place you go to have a great night’s sleep, so prepare your body. There’s always live music, and I participated in the play-to-stay program in exchange for free accommodation. My gig was fantastic, one of my biggest crowds yet (in a city where I have NO draw, so awesome) but since there’s always something going on, be warned, the rooms are always prettttty loud.

My last night there was a local troubadour musical group that did a concert on the rooftop, right as the sunset over Rome. Bella, Bella Roma. Such a magical weekend that I now need to recover from, because I am so, so exhausted, but my soul is so so happy. Ciao Bella!