On the importance of traveling for the artist’s mind

“A dominant impulse on encountering beauty is to wish to hold on to it, to possess it and give it weight in one’s life. There is an urge to say, ‘I was here, I saw this and it mattered to me.”
― Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel

I have always found that being amongst new surroundings provides an indisputable degree of inspiration for my artistic creativity. Travel expands perspective and creates enthusiasm. You return different. Meeting new people and hearing their stories, finding yourself an observing member of a unfamiliar culture, blending in and fading out of backgrounds never seen. Being somewhere with which you are not accustomed is an artist’s Eden. It forces you into to be introspective. It commands your attention and reigns in your focus. As you wander, you feel insignificant. You recognize no one, and nobody knows you. You can be virtually invisible. You realize that you are the fortunate observer of someone else’s daily routine. It is the unknown that wakes up your mind. It shocks you out of your memorized routine and challenges your being. If remaining stagnant is the death of creative thought, travel is what saves your soul.

So far in the past month, I’ve been to Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Vanuatu (sadly never to return) New Caledonia and Fiji. Here’s to hoping we hit New Zealand soon. I bring a notebook and I try not to do anything touristy…I steer clear of guided tours in favor of wandering aimlessly and no, I don’t want to visit the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and pay for an instagrammable moment at the top. (though if I see a kangaroo…….#selfie) I mostly want to sit in the park and write and drink champagne and observe. I have challenged myself to write a song a day, and to finish the damn thing, even if I’m not feeling quite partial to it. I am going to pick one song per cruise and post it here on my Sydney day, and also maybe share some interesting travel stories. Though I miss home and am anxious to return to Manhattan and hustle to book gigs and record my new EP, I am enjoying being an un-starving artist. I feel quite fortunate to have been given this time to travel literally around the entire world and prepare artistically for my time on land.

This song I wrote a little before I left, but finished when I got here.
It’s about a boy named Alexander.
Just kidding.
He doesn’t exist, and nor do i.


So I’m going to blog a little bit while I’m out here about how the experience is affecting my creativity, I’ve decided. Before I left, a friend told me to “set impossible goals’ for myself, so I can be a better musician, vocalist and artist when I return. So I set 10 “crazy” goals, and keeping this blog updated is one of them!

“but Sav, no one cares about your dumb songwriting blog.”

That’s not a question. And yes. I know. No one cares about anyone’s blog. But I love to write, so I’m going to keep it up and I’ll post it just in case someone is inspired to create, or to share how travel has shaped his or her own personal art. You could also like my Facebook music page if you read this. That would also be rad.