My Top 9 Most Useful Travel Apps For Solo Female Travelers


There’s  a lot of things that we, as solo female travelers, need to think about that guys just don’t! these are a few of my favourite apps, some geared towards girls, some not. All useful to have if you’re planning a solo adventure! Tell me about yours, as well!

9. Period Tracker- There is nothing worse than hopping on a long-haul flight, getting all set up, seeing the seatbelt lights for take-off, and feeling that familiar cramping….It’s gonna be a long flight.  And airplane bathroom toilet paper as a makeshift pad? Oh, absolutely not. That’s not going to cut it, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

This is useful for ladies who travel between time-zones often, as this can mess with your cycle and make you late, early, skip a cycle, any of the above. This app informs you when your last period started, how long it lasted, when your next one will be starting so you can make sure you’re all packed and you have some chocolate and ibuprofen on that flight.

8. Packpoint- This app is amazing for helping you pack and plan exactly the trip you’re taking. If you’re like me, you pack wayyyy too much. I end up in Miami with 3 sweaters and it’s summer and then I’m lugging them around…etc. If you struggle with over-planning, just get this app and let go. Enter your destination, your date, select your planned activities, and it tells you what you need. Pack those things, check them off the list, leave the sweaters at home. (unless told otherwise)

7. Uber, Lyft – I’ve had more luck with Lyft (more coupons available more often, etc) but some cities only have Uber. Having both is great, as there’s more chance that if you feel like walking home at 2am in a new city is not safe (spoiler alert DONT DO IT) someone will come pick you up and take you home safely, on the cheap.


6. Tourlina- I haven’t used this app in person yet, but I definitely plan on it. This app finds female travelers in your area and helps put together tours you guys can do as a group, making solo female traveling ultimately safer and you can make some friends along the way! I really enjoy exploring solo, but sometimes you want to see the sights with your girlfriends, so find some, and get out there!


5. Toiletfinder – Oh this app is just useful, even when you’re not traveling. I live in New York City and I have an ACTUAL MAP of public restrooms in my head, but now I don’t have to, because this app will find them for you. You never know when you need it, girl.



4.Miss Travel- This app approached me about joining and is new to me. I haven’t used it too much yet, but it’s basically tindr for travelers. You can set it up looking for tour guides, friends, dates in your new city, or even set it up to say “Looking for a trip.” Some people have extra business trip tickets, and if you’re into it, I bet you could snag a trip to France quite easily. This may not be my thing, and I may not end up using it a lot, but hey, If some guy wants to buy me a flight somewhere over buying me a few beers in a bar, who am I to turn it down. #Bye



3. Tindr- I know this is a dating app, but this is how I make friends when I get to a new city. I think this app has been around long enough that most people just think of it as networking, making friends, sure, be flirty if you want, get a free Guiness in downtown Dublin, whatever.  They’ve caught onto this trend and have also started to launch and perhaps re-brand the app to be a “social” app, as you can now find groups of people who are participating in the same activities you are and tag along. Try it out, ask people to show you around! As always, be safe, meet in a public place and let people know where you are and where you’re going. Be smart.



2. Hostelworld, AirBnb, Couchsurfing – Depending upon the culture of the city you’re visiting, hostels may be the way to go, or maybe it’s cheap enough and you want to rent a whole apartment, that’s AirBnB. Maybe if it’s a one night thing and you’re running low, Couchsurfing is the way to go. Best have all three.



1. Hopper, Google Flights, Skyscanner- These for me are the big three on getting cheap flights. Check ALL of them when you’re looking for flights so you will be sure you find the best deal. For me there hasn’t been one thats been head-and-shoulders above the rest, sometimes Google Flights wins out, sometimes Skyscanner, I like how Hopper “watches” flight prices more aggressively than the other two. Just check all three. Also remember that some airlines do not sell their flight information to these apps, such as Southwest (for domestic US flights) so its sometimes useful to have their specific app as well.



So this is an overview of the apps I use most often when I’m traveling on my own, which ones do you use the most??