You’ll never have enough money 

I met a lady in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, around twice my age, heavy laden from a worn-down green backpack. Red- faced, sweaty and fresh off a plane from Iceland where she went on a 5 night Northern Lights tour. I met her at the check in desk in the lobby of my hostel and as soon as she said where she had travelled from (common question when checking in) the hostel staff and I were estatic, peppering her with questions about the Northern lights.
“it’s on my bucket list, I’ve been saving up forever!” The front desk girl said.

“You’ll die before you have enough money to go wherever you want. The lights quit showing in May. Go now” the lady responded.

My flight to Greece was a little pricier than usual for a Ryanair flight and I’m not staying at the cheapest hostel, I’m staying at the one I liked best. Life is short. When you run out of money, you’ll get more. Youll figure it out. You’ll die before you have enough. Go now, before you miss the lights. 

*Iceland trip in the works but not til next year as I want to book gigs and won’t make it by May 😭


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