The Afterthought: Cold To The Touch



So as promised, this is the first song in my song series entitled “The Afterthought.” These are songs I wrote whilst on the road, inspired by challenges and new experiences I had while traveling. I wrote this particular tune after spending a night somewhere I didn’t belong, somewhere I didn’t feel safe, somewhere with people who didn’t respect me. I kind of got stuck, without a way home and couldn’t log onto internet to call a cab, so I just went to sleep and figured it all out in the morning (safer than walking!)

There’s more of a story here, but I feel the song speaks for itself. One of the roughest spots I got myself into along the way of this adventure was in the company of someone who seemed pretty trustworthy, but I learned I trust too muchhh! Also, never let anyone drive you anywhere you can’t get home from, should you need to leave, even if it’s a friend. When you’re a female solo traveller, its important to always have a way home, not relying on anyone else. #protips

Here’s the lyrics!

"Cold To The Touch"  
â’¸Savannah Jaine Music 
2017 ASCAP

what'd ya tell her about me
whats the story
I need to know
so I can play along
Must've been something good
she chose to stay
was it that I'm crazy
I'll try to keep it that way for ya

Secrets buried in the basement
Things she'll never know
My legs encased in dry cement
but I'm just a stone's throw
was it hard to find a replacement
does she love you just as much
is your heart all full and warm
my body, my body's cold to the touch

she has my eyes I see
a little more innocent
she's not been hurt
thats all on me
what a pity
you chose to play
the only woman
who wouldnt let you get away with those


You said "We're all just killing time, 
    we're all just killing time,"
Why couldn't I have mine?





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