Year In Review and Travel Plans for 2018



February: I played gigs in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Glasgow!!

March: I fell in love WITH Edinburgh, I fell in love IN Dublin,  I did some auditions in London, and took a last minute flight to ATHENS GREECE where I hiked up mountains and wrote 2 songs that will be on my new EP amongst the ancient city. Christiane and Meg came to Edinburgh where I tour guided the shit out of them, and we went to Loch Ness and tasted some scotch!!!!

April: Took a bus through Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Italy! Played my biggest gig to a full crowd in Rome! Went to Dublin once again for a feature, visited Trinity and the Guinness Factory Storehouse where I had my first Guinness ever.

May: I lived and worked as a street musician in Edinburgh, and went to Galway with a beautiful songwriter pal of mine, Lexi =) #girlswhocangallop #girlsgonewild #irishedition We hung out with a gorgeous traveling musician Camilla Jones and tasted whiskEy.

June: I flew from Edinburgh to Baltimore to become Music Director on the Carnival Pride. Promotion alert!! I’m a real person now, aren’t I, Christiane!? I was lucky to direct some amazing musicians, run a fantastic program, and perform for thousands of people over the course of 6 weeks. I visited the pink sand beaches in Bermuda for the first time and hung out in Grand Cayman, one of my personal fav ports. The Guinness there IS pretty fresh, I would say, being an experienced lady now 🙂

August/September- I appeared in some awesome showcases and song cycles back home in New York City, did some jazz jams, met some amazing people and worked on MY original song cycle! Took some Growing Studio vocal classes and it was AWESOME to study again. Was accepted to the New York Institute of Jazz at the expert/professional level, I just love learning more and more about my instrument.

October/November- I became Music Director on the Carnival Miracle, explored Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! (One of my FAVOURITE places ever-PV!!! Who knew.)

December: I had my birthday in HAWAII! Visited 5 Hawaiian islands, hiked up 3 volcanos, drove around and generally had an amazing time with awesome people. Black sand beaches and sea turtles everywhere!! such friendly people, music everywhere, such sunshine and happiness. I performed cover and original material as a solo artist for thousands of guests over the course of 2 months.



I get to head home for Christmas and New Years, as I prepare for my next endeavor. I will be bringing out the Carnival Horizon as the Inaugural Rock band vocalist! it’s a long contract (which I don’t usually do) but I’m honoured to have been asked and to be involved with the best of the best in my company. I’ll be in rehearsals in Florida for a little while, and then back overseas to Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, and more.

I will also be recording my new EP in the next months, and be making music videos on the road! It’s going to be a process, as I’m trying to do everything all at once. Follow along @SavannahJaine on Instagram. All of it will be leading up to a premiere of my Full EP in August at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.

Also in August, I’ll be hosting the first ‘Daisy Chain Song Exchange’ in Dublin, Edinburgh and (hopefully) New York City. DCSE is a Chicks Only, International Community of Fierce Female Songwriters, Gig Swapping across the Globe.  Working on partnering with some really great organizations for this, message me if you would like to be involved, I need a freaking assistant to give this project the time of day it deserves.

I have a goal of visiting 60 countries before I turn 30, (I’m 27 now) and after this contract I will be at 48. I will PROBABLY finish the year off with a trip backpacking and doing hikes through Southeast Asia and New Zealand, I’d also like to hike the Gold Coast in Aus, so if this is something that interests you (October/November 2018) message me, let’s do it? Let’s book some gigs to pay for it and maybe get sponsored? #60by30

Looking good, 2018. Happy to continue to be a full-time musician, doing what I love, singing everyday, and traveling around the world over and over again. Here’s to becoming a better musician, making great friends and working as hard as I possibly can.

 This is all the places the ship goes and then all the places I want to hit on my SEA Trip!

2 thoughts on “Year In Review and Travel Plans for 2018

  1. You don’t want to hike the gold coast in Australia. It is one big parking lot like Miami. Come to Tasmania where Hobart is the door to the wilderness and some of the best hikes in the world without millions of people. I live in Tasmania. You need to do it in our summer or autumn though for best weather. Google Tasmania to see the beauty.


    1. I love Tasmania! I hiked a lot in Hobart a few years back!! I had a specific goal of Gold Coast/melbourne area because I have friends that live there and I wanted to go to the quokka island, I forget the name of it now. I didnt get to go last time 😦 But yes, Tasmania is very beautiful!

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