First Week of Rehearsal Down!

Some of y’all may know, I’m excited to be the lead vocalist on the Carnival Horizon this Spring/Summer  and we’ve just begun rehearsals here in Florida! Nice because I get time to come home to my home state, sit in the sun, sing tunes, and get paid! I’m directing an acoustic trio of sorts, for the next few days, and today we had rehearsal by the pool just because. We’re acoustic, why not!

we made friends who were sitting by the pool and serenaded the apartment complex. Twas a blast. We also had to make a run to the local music store, Music Arts Enterprises where this awesome guy named Ralph gave me a $35 tune up on my Martin. My action was SO HIGH and I didnt even notice…so he lowered it and gave it some TLC…now it’s so easy to play, I feel like Hendrix. (im anything but…haha)

In case you’re wondering, heres what happens when you take musicians to the store……

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When you take professional musicians to a music store…we get a little silly!!! we just needed one thing…but also, we needed to try out every amp in the amp room. This is a great local music store, by the way, in Davie, Florida!! We love it! They fixed my Martin PERFECTLY for cheap and were very caring and friendly. Here’s a snippet of the (acoustic) trio that will be performing on the #carnivalhorizon being nerds on our lunch break. We’re rehearsing for the rest of the week acoustically!!! If you want to hear us do tune, DM me a song request! It’s a joy to work with such insanely talented musicians. @the_kyle_henry is a beast of a vocalist and @tagryan smashes every guitar he’s ever touched. @carnivalentertainment doesn’t do things halfway I’m tell y’all this band is gonna be lit! Here’s good things on the #Horizon ——————————————— #dailyvideo #music #musicians #instagood #instamood #silly #funny #janis #jam #myjam #jamsession #musicstore #acoustic #florida #songs #video #musicvideo #rehearsal #lunchbreak #selfie #lovethissong

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