About Me

blogjjjjTo put it quite simply, I was born a ramblin’ man. I’m Savannah Jaine (sometimes called Calamity Jaine by friends) and I’m a songwriter, funk singer, and enthused iced coffee drinker. I grew up in Florida before attending University and settling down in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Chicago, and New York.  I started my troubadour lifestyle as a musician with Carnival Cruise-lines (A company that I love and hold dearly in my heart!) and was lucky to get paid to lead brass bands, sing and travel through the Caribbean, South Pacific, Australia and Southeast Asia and after two straight years of adventures, I just couldn’t shake the wanderlust. I drifted about with my Travel Taylor and played street corners, state parks, subways stations, coffee shops, and more in Western Europe. The idea was to try to make enough as a busking street musician to pay for my bed, dinner, and maybe a beer, and to write as much as possible. I am about to embark on a contract with Carnival as a Lead Vocalist on their biggest and newest ship in the Mediterranean, The Carnival Horizon. I will also be releasing my new original EP this summer and debuting my music as well as my Daisy Chain Song Exchange Song Project (more on the blog!) at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in August.  This blog is to keep track of the stories I come across, the musicians I meet and sing with, the trees I climb, and the songs that break my heart so I can figure out how to put it all together again.


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